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Is there live technical support?
Can a co-host go live without the account owner?
How can I accept contributions from my attendees?Looking to accept donations, contributions, or tips? Here's how.
Which events are displayed on the Discover page?Crowdcast's Discover page provides new attendees a way to discover your events as long as they meet certain requirements.
What is the Calls to Action feature?The Calls to Action (CTA) feature allows you to point attendees to an external link or to request contributions/donations.
What emails do attendees receive from Crowdcast?
Can I host adult content on Crowdcast?Running NSFW / 18+ events? We have some guidelines for you to review first.
What is considered a live attendee?The number of attendees actually watching your event live is an important factor for your plan and pricing.
How long are events hosted on Crowdcast?Thinking of canceling? Make sure you read this first to see how to preserve the replay of your events on Crowdcast.
How can I archive my event?Archiving your event hides it from everyone but you and any teammates.
What are the best dimensions for image files?
How do I duplicate an event?Learn how to make a copy of your event and which parts of your event are duplicated.
Do you offer a discount for nonprofits?
Can I download my event recording?
How do I reset a session?Resetting a session allows you to completely start over without creating another event or moving your attendees.
Which browsers and devices are compatible with Crowdcast?
Can I share my login credentials with someone?Neither hosts nor attendees can share login credentials in order to access the same event at the same time.
How do I stay informed on recent updates and fixes?We have a changelog! Check it out here.
What is the upgraded stage experience available in my settings?
How can I blur my background?
How do I cancel my event?