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Can I share my login credentials with someone?
Can I share my login credentials with someone?

Neither hosts nor attendees can share login credentials in order to access the same event at the same time.

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Crowdcast utilizes an individual login system for everyone. Both attendees and hosts are required to create an account using their email and password. (A password is optional for attendees.) These credentials serve as your access key to the platform and to your created/joined events.

To prevent two people from viewing the same content using the same login, our system employs a real-time access control mechanism. This mechanism monitors user activity and a second attempt to join the same live event is met with an error.

Someone trying to share a host's credentials will see an error that they are live in another window:

Someone trying to share an attendee's credentials will see an error that they are viewing this event in another window:

In either case, the "Click to join from here instead" button will boot the original user out of the event. This ensures that only one active session is permitted per user at any given time.

If you are an event host and would like to grant a colleague access to your account in order to co-host events with you, you can add them as a teammate on your channel. You also have the option to assign them the role of co-host, moderator, or speaker within any event. You can learn more about these options here:

Important Note

  • You will also see an error if you accidentally open the same live event in multiple tabs or windows.

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