Adding Teammates to Your Channel

Teammates can help you create, run, and manage all events on your channel.

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If you have teammates or colleagues who assist you with running your events, you can add them to your channel. This means that everyone on your team is able to sign in using their own email address and password. It is not possible for two people to access the same live event using shared login credentials.

The number of teammates you can add is dependent on your plan. However, you can always add on additional teammates (or host seats) from within your billing settings for $29/each.

Once you’ve logged into your account, use the menu on the left to access your Settings.

From within your settings, go to the Team section and type in your teammate’s email address. From the dropdown menu, choose whether your teammate will be an Admin or a Host within your channel.

  • The Admin role has all the same permissions as the channel owner. Admins can manage billing, channel settings, and can create and manage events.

  • The Host role has the same event permissions as an Admin but cannot manage the channel’s billing or subscription plan.

Channel-level roles differ from in-event roles because a channel role gives someone the same level of access to every event within your organization’s channel. Once you assign a teammate a channel role, you will not be able to assign them an in-event role. They automatically are granted the same powers as the channel owner within every event created.

Want to learn more about roles for specific events? 👉 An Overview of Roles

After you’ve added teammates to your channel, encourage them to set up their profile by clicking the icon in the upper right corner after logging in.

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