How to Edit Your Profile

Add identity and personalization to your Crowdcast profile by updating your photo, name, username, and bio.

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Personalize your account by uploading a photo and crafting a brief bio. You'll need to be signed in from an internet browser – not our mobile app – to edit your profile.

While signed into Crowdcast, click the icon in the upper right-hand corner and select Edit my profile.

Here are the areas you can customize:

  1. Add a profile photo by uploading a photo from your computer or by dragging and dropping an image file.

  2. Add your first name. Your last name is optional.

  3. Give yourself a username.

  4. Fill out your bio with information about who you are and/or how people can reach you.

Did your photo populate automatically? Here's why:

If your Crowdcast account was created with Twitter, Facebook, or Google, you probably already have a profile photo.

But, if you notice a photo you didn't personally upload and would like to change it, you might have a Gravatar—your Globally Recognized Avatar. Gravatars are commonly used across various platforms like WordPress and Github. If you have one, it simply means you set it up at some point in the past.

To add or change your profile photo, log into an internet browser and follow the instructions above.

Delete a Photo

The photo field in your profile cannot be left empty, but you can replace a photo you don't want anymore with a generic image of your choice.

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