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How to Embed Your Crowdcast Event on Your Website
How to Embed Your Crowdcast Event on Your Website

Share your Crowdcast event on your website or anywhere you can add embed code.

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Embedding your Crowdcast event into your own website is a great way to collect additional registrations or increase control over the branding of your event. We also make it incredibly easy to embed your event!

How to Embed Your Crowdcast Event

  1. Open your event and click Share in the top right corner. Your event must be public in order for the Share button to appear.

  2. Copy the Embed code, and paste it into your website. Some sites offer a built-in embedding tool where you can paste the code.

It’s that easy!

Here’s an example of embedding in action:

What about the attendee experience?

Here’s an example of what looks like for an attendee to register for and interact within an embedded event.

If your event is embedded, instruct attendees to use a Chromium-based browser. Otherwise, they may be redirected away from your website to the event link on Crowdcast.

It’s also recommended that you instruct attendees to add a password to their account. If attendees already have a Crowdcast account, they can add a password from within their account settings. If they are new registrants, they can add a password during registration. If they do not set a password on their account, they will have to click a login link in their email to access the event. This link will direct them to the Crowdcast event page and not your own website.

Important Notes

  • You cannot host events through the embedded version of Crowdcast. Please use the main website.

  • If you ever archive the event in the future, make sure you remove the embed code from your website.

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