Hosting Ticketed Events

How to set up paid events on Crowdcast, promo codes, payment options, and more.

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Our direct integration with Stripe makes it easy to get paid for your online courses, workshops, and events.

On the Lite and Professional plans, there is a 5% transaction fee + Stripe's processing fee of 2.9% + 30¢. On the Business plan, this transaction fee goes down to 2% + Stripe's processing fee of 2.9% + 30¢.

When creating an event, a host can charge a fixed or sliding scale amount per event. You can also offer a free ticket option. Scroll down to the Access section of the edit event form and select Ticketed.

From there, you can give your ticket a title and then select the type of ticket price you want to offer (e.g. fixed, sliding scale, or free). You can build multiple ticket types and tiers depending on your event needs. A ticket description is optional but useful for your attendees if you’re offering multiple ticket types.

Fixed Pricing

Select the Fixed option from the price dropdown menu if you'd like to set a set entry price for your event.

Here’s an example of the attendee view of a registration page with fixed pricing:

Sliding Scale Payment

For hosts who want to make their events more financially accessible, you can set up a sliding scale payment. This allows attendees to pay what they can.

Select Sliding Scale, then choose the minimum payment value. You can fill out the maximum payment value or leave it blank.

Here’s the attendee view of a registration page with a sliding scale payment option:

You are not limited by one payment type or another. You can offer both fixed and sliding scale payment options depending on your needs.

Promo Codes

You can also build promo codes for discounted access to your ticketed event. Promo codes may be based on a percentage discount or a dollar amount. You can also schedule when they’re available for use.

Accepting International Currencies

The payment currency is USD by default but you can easily change it to another currency. We support payments in 135+ currencies. Here's a list of the currencies accepted by Stripe. If your home country is on the list, you can accept payments in your currency.

What if I'm ticketing through another website?

Using Crowdcast's built-in integration with Stripe allows you to easily manage sales and provide a seamless attendee registration experience. However, if you're using your own website or another platform to collect payments, you can simply import those attendees into your Crowdcast event via a CSV file. Importing allows those attendees to bypass the Crowdcast registration page. For consent purposes, any attendees who are new to Crowdcast will still receive an email asking that they confirm their registration. You can learn more about registering attendees for your event here.

What if I only want to accept contributions or donations?

We have a separate support doc on this just for you! Check it out here.

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