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Managing Your Crowdcast Event Payments in Stripe
Managing Your Crowdcast Event Payments in Stripe
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This article provides a high-level overview of managing your event payments. Please visit Stripe's Support Center for more in-depth articles.

Here are four key sections to be aware of when logging into your Stripe account:

  1. If you have more than one Stripe account, you can switch between them here. Make sure you are viewing the correct account that you've integrated with Crowdcast.

  2. Home – Graphs on the homepage provide an overview of your payments and customers. This includes data on sales volume, payouts, top customers, and failed payments.

  3. Payments – This is where you manage individual customer payments. Within this section, you can:

    • View payment details

    • Refund individual payments

    • Send receipts

    • Manage disputes

    The payment Description will give you the title and URL of the event, and the Customer column provides you with the payee's email address. Hover over any payment line to reveal these buttons on the far right:

    The arrow that hooks left allows you to refund that payment.

    Use the mail icon to send a receipt to the customer.

    When the refund arrow is clicked, a refund window will appear. You can refund the full amount or enter a custom amount. You can also provide a Reason and additional details for your records.

    If you need to find an individual payment, you can use the search bar at the very top of the window to enter the customer's email address. If you have trouble finding a payment based on the customer's email, you can also try searching by the last four digits of their credit card.

  4. Customers – This is where you can view individual customer details. You can filter by top, first-time, repeat, and recent customers.

    Open any customer page to view and manage all payments made by that customer.

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