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How can I accept contributions from my attendees?
How can I accept contributions from my attendees?

Looking to accept donations, contributions, or tips? Here's how.

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✋ Before running an event where you intend to ask attendees to contribute, tip, or donate, please review Stripe’s requirements. Stripe is the integrated payment system we use.

There are two primary ways you could collect contributions from your attendees:

  • By offering a Pay-What-You-Can ticket price that attendees encounter at registration

  • By prompting attendees to offer a contribution while you’re live within the event

You can set up one or both of these options. Here’s how:

Set Up a Sliding Scale Payment

You can set up a sliding scale payment ranging from $0 to a greater value. This allows attendees to contribute whatever they’re able.

  1. When building your event, scroll down to the Access section and select Ticketed to create a ticket.

  2. Select Sliding Scale, then choose the minimum payment value. You can fill out the maximum payment value or leave it blank.

Here’s the attendee view of a registration page with a sliding scale payment option:

Set Up a Contribution Button

You can also set up a contribution prompt from within the Calls to Action feature located within the Studio. This will allow attendees to contribute during the event.

1. Open the Studio. It’s the last module on the far right side of the event window.

2. Open the Calls to Action section to add a Contribution button.

3. Give the button a label and an optional prompt message.

4. After creating the contribution button, select Show when you’re ready to reveal it.

5. The contribution button will appear below the stage. When your attendees click that button, they’ll see your prompt and an amount field.

6. Proceeding will open a Stripe checkout page where they can input credit card information. They will not be redirected away from your event.

Important Notes

  • Note that your plan's processing fee, Stripe's transaction fees, and minimal deposit will still apply to donations taken on Crowdcast's platform.

  • Refunds are issued through the host's connected Stripe account. See: Managing Your Crowdcast Event Payments in Stripe

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