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What is the Calls to Action feature?
What is the Calls to Action feature?

The Calls to Action (CTA) feature allows you to point attendees to an external link or to request contributions/donations.

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The Calls to Action (CTA) feature enables you to create and display a button below the event stage that links to a URL of your choice. You can find the Calls to Action section in the Studio. Once revealed, the CTA appears in bright green just below the stage. Clicking the button opens a new tab with your specified URL. You might use this to encourage attendees to purchase a product, check out your website and social channels, or download digital resources.

πŸ’‘ Pro Tip: Want to share multiple links with your attendees at once? Set up a linktree, bitly, or any other digital asset that lists all of your links on a single page.

The Calls to Action feature is also where you can set up a Contribution button, allowing you to request a financial contribution or donation from your attendees. This button also appears in bright green below the stage. When clicked, contribution buttons prompt users to enter a contribution amount of their choosing.

While you can set up multiple CTAs or Contribution buttons, you can only reveal one at a time. You can set these up before your event goes live. If you use the same buttons repeatedly in your events, you can also save them as part of a Studio Template.

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