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Can I download my event recording?
Can I download my event recording?
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All hosts on an active plan have the ability to download the HD recording of their events after the event takes place. Attendees do not have access to this feature as the content is owned by the host.

If you remain on a paid plan (including the Pause plan), the event replay will be available indefinitely for hosts and attendees to view at your event URL.

Here’s how you can download your events:

First, go to your My events dashboard and open the past event you want to download. Open the Options menu located at the top right corner within the event, and click Download Video (MP4).

Once you select this, your download will begin automatically.

Can I download my events in bulk?

At this time, you must download your events individually.

What if I want to download only the audio of my event?

Though we don't offer a direct MP3 export, you can download the MP4 and then convert the file to an MP3 via a third-party application.

💡 Pro Tip: If you're a Mac user, the latest macOS has a secret feature in QuickTime that allows you to export to audio-only with one click!

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