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How to Replace Your Recording
How to Replace Your Recording

When your event is over, you can download and edit your recording through your own tools, and then replace the replay with your new MP4.

Updated over a week ago

Did you make a mistake while live that you want to edit out? Or perhaps you want to add a cool intro or outro video to your event’s replay. You can easily download your session, make the edits you need using your favorite video editing tools, and then replace the session on Crowdcast.

Open the Options menu from the upper right corner of your event. From there, select Download MP4. Edit and save your replay to your computer, and then select Replace MP4 from the Options menu.

Important Notes

  • If the length of the new video is different from the original, it may cause the timestamps of answered questions to be out of sync.

  • You cannot replace a file that is more than 12GB in size. Please reach out to us if you need any assistance with getting your file replaced.

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