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How long are events hosted on Crowdcast?
How long are events hosted on Crowdcast?

Thinking of canceling? Make sure you read this first to see how to preserve the replay of your events on Crowdcast.

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Curious to know how long your replays are safely hosted on Crowdcast? As long as you’re on an active plan, your recorded events are available indefinitely on your my events page and public channel.

Keep in mind that your event would have to be public, recorded, and not archived in order for it to appear on your public channel. Unlisted events that have not been archived will remain available at your event URL.

If you are thinking of canceling your plan, be aware that your event will be removed entirely after 30 days. We recommend downloading your MP4s before canceling because your replays will no longer be hosted on your channel. If you want to retain access to your replays as well as other features, consider pausing your plan for $10/month instead of canceling. You can learn more here: Canceling or Pausing Your Plan

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