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How do I duplicate an event?
How do I duplicate an event?

Learn how to make a copy of your event and which parts of your event are duplicated.

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Can I duplicate my event?

Yes, you can! Duplicating an event is simple, effective, and can save time when creating new, similar events. Duplicating an event allows you to copy over most of the information and settings you've already set up.

How to duplicate an event

In your My Events dashboard, go to the specific event you would like to duplicate. Under Actions select Duplicate.

Alternatively, you can duplicate from within the event itself. Click the Options dropdown menu in the top right corner and select Duplicate Event.

You should see that your event title, cover photo, description, custom fields, and multistreams have carried over from your original event. Keep reading to learn more about what does and does not carry over in a duplicated event.

What parts of an event are carried over to a duplicated event?

  • Event Title – Your event title will duplicate. It will be prefaced by the words “Copy of,” so be sure to edit your title accordingly.

  • Custom Registration Fields – Our Pro and Business plans include the ability to create custom registration field. If you have access to these, they will be carried over to your duplicated event. Read more about custom registration fields here.

  • About Section – The About section of your event includes your event’s cover photo and description which appear on your registration page.

  • Multistreams – Our Pro plan allows you to set up one multistream and our Business plan allows for three multistreams. Learn more about multistreaming here.

What parts of an event are NOT carried over to a duplicated event?

  • Custom URL

  • Tickets and Promo Codes – The ability to duplicate tickets and promo codes has not been built just yet, but it’s coming soon!

  • Attendees – Those who registered for your original event will not be imported to or otherwise notified about a duplicated event. To bring people into a new event, invite them to register, or register them for your event by using the Register Emails feature. You can easily download a CSV file from your original event and use that to re-register your audience for your duplicated event. Keep in mind that you still need their permission to be re-registered for a new event.

  • Q&A Section – The questions and answers from the original event will not carry over into a duplicated event.

  • Polls

  • Studio Elements – Though Studio elements that you’ve uploaded won’t duplicate, you can easily carry these elements from one event to the next by creating a template.

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