Custom Registration Fields

Collect additional data from your attendees at the point of registration. (Available to Pro and Business plans only.)

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Looking to learn more about your audience? No problem! Custom registration fields allow you to ask questions of your attendees at the time of registration. This helps you collect more information and customized data about your audience.

Our Professional and Business plans give you access to this feature. Add custom fields when you create your edit your event.

Once you've set up your registration fields, attendees will be asked to share their answers at the time of registration. You have the option to make these fields required.

After finishing your event, attendee data can be exported to a CSV file by selecting Download CSV from the Options dropdown menu on the event page.

πŸ’‘ Pro tip: Stay GDPR compliant and ask your attendees to join your mailing list upon registration via the checkbox field.

Important Notes

  • By default, Crowdcast will collect an attendee's name and email on your behalf. You do not need to make custom fields for this data.

  • Fields marked as required must be filled out in order to register.

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