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What is considered a live attendee?
What is considered a live attendee?

The number of attendees actually watching your event live is an important factor for your plan and pricing.

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A live attendee is a person who shows up to watch a live Crowdcast event. If you have 60 people registered and 25 attend to watch live, then you have 25 live attendees.

Our current pricing structure includes three plans based on the number of attendees you anticipate watching your events live, the number of hours per month you need to stream, and the features you need.

Each plan has a certain number of live attendees included in the price. If you are on the Lite plan, for example, your events include 100 live attendees. There are no qualifications on the number of people who can register.

If you exceed the number of live attendees include in your plan, you'll be charged overages at .15/additional live attendee. Learn more about overages here.

Our highest-level plan, the Business plan, currently allows for 1000 live attendees. If you’re planning an event that will include more than 1000 live attendees, please reach out to us at [email protected] to discuss options.

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