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What are the best dimensions for image files?
What are the best dimensions for image files?
Updated over a week ago

These are the primary locations where you can upload an image file to your Crowdcast channel or event:

Event Cover Photo

This is the image that appears at the top of your event’s registration page.

Channel Cover and Profile Photos

Both of these appear on your public channel where people can learn more about your organization and register for any public events you’ve created.

Studio Logo and Background Images

These are images you can upload to the built-in Studio to add professional elements and custom branding to your event.

We highly recommend adding images to your Crowdcast channel and individual events that you create. Here are the ideal dimensions for each of those images:

  • Event Cover Photo: 1200 x 630

  • Channel Profile Photo: 500 x 500

  • Channel Cover Photo: 1050 x 300

  • Studio Background Image: 1920 x 1080

  • Studio Logo Image: We don’t have recommended dimensions for your logo. Based on the shape of your logo, you might play around with different sizes to see what looks best. We do recommend adding some padding to your logo, so it doesn’t directly bump into the video tiles. The logo in the screenshot above is a PNG file with padding.

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