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How do I cancel my event?
How do I cancel my event?
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When you cancel an event on Crowdcast, attendees are not automatically notified of the cancellation, so it's important to communicate with your attendees to let them know.

Rather than delete your event, we recommend you Archive it so that you can still access the attendee data. Archiving your event hides it from everyone but you and any teammates. Follow these instructions to Archive your event.

Communicate with your attendees directly to inform them about the event's cancellation.

Use the in-event Email Attendees option to let attendees know you have cancelled your event. This ensures everyone is properly informed and can manage their schedules accordingly. These are instructions on how to email attendees.

If you have charged for tickets and need to issue refunds, they are issued through the host's connected Stripe account. See: Managing Your Crowdcast Event Payments in Stripe.

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