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Troubleshooting Tips: Bringing Guests Onstage
Troubleshooting Tips: Bringing Guests Onstage
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It can be really frustrating when you invite a guest on screen, but then they struggle to appear. In this support document, we explore some of the reasons why this might happen.

After inviting a guest on screen, you'll see their status change within the people section. The majority of the time, your guest speaker will appear on stage within a few seconds. However, if you don't see your guest on stage within 20-30 seconds after sending them an invite, these are the things you should check:

  • Ensure your guest accepted the prompt to enable their camera and mic.

  • They may have accidentally rejected the pop-up to allow access to the camera and mic and will need to exit the event, refresh the browser, and try again.

  • Ensure another application is not using the camera and/or mic (like Zoom, Teams, Skype, FB Messenger, etc).

  • Ensure they have a connected and operational webcam and mic. Try unplugging your equipment and then reconnecting it.

  • At a global level, their computer might not be allowing the camera/mic to be shared. They should check in their settings to ensure this is not the case. (On a Mac, specifically, an update may have affected security settings.)

  • If they are on a Chrome browser (our recommended browser), a Chrome extension could be interfering with the operation of the camera and mic.

  • Sometimes a full reboot of the computer or laptop can help move things along.

  • If you have embedded the event in your own website, please ensure they are joining the event directly from the Crowdcast URL and not via the embed.

  • Some antivirus software does not allow permission to the camera and mic.

  • Check that a firewall is not interfering with permissions.

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