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Customizing Email Templates
Customizing Email Templates

How to customize, personalize, or brand the emails sent to attendees.

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Where can I customize emails?

Once logged in, you'll click on Settings from the navigation menu on the left. Navigate to the Email Templates section. The following three email template options are available via a dropdown menu for you to view:

  • Registration Confirmation – this is the email that attendees will receive once they've registered for your event.

  • Registration Confirmation via Import/Zapier – this is the email that is sent to attendees when you import their email addresses into the event or use a Zapier integration for registration.

  • Ten Minute Reminder – this email is sent (to those who have registered) 10-minutes prior to the start of your event.

Select the one you'd like to customize, and select the Edit option located above the top left corner of the email.

This will reveal the space where you can edit the template. Be sure to save your changes. Next, use the Preview as dropdown menu to view an example. You can then send yourself a test email to see how the email will look when attendees receive it.

Here it is in action:

Important Notes

  • The Registration Confirmation and 10-minute Reminder emails can be disabled under the Advanced section where you create or edit your event.

  • The Registration Confirmation via Import/Zapier emails cannot be disabled and an email will still be sent to anyone registered by those methods.

  • Editing the template will affect all upcoming events. It's best to use the variable codes provided, so the correct event title will populate. Should you make it specific for one event, remember to edit your templates again before taking registrations for another event.

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