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How to Access Studio-Uploaded Slides as a Guest Speaker
How to Access Studio-Uploaded Slides as a Guest Speaker

The event host can pre-upload files into the Studio that you can access easily if you've been assigned the role of Speaker.

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If the host has assigned you the role of Speaker, you can easily access slides and doc files that have been uploaded to the Studio. Here's how:

1. Once you’re on stage, click the share icon below the stage. It’s located within the AV controls and looks like a rectangle with an upward-pointing arrow in the center.

2. Select Slides from the available options.

3. Hover over the file you wish to share and select Show.

That's it! You can now display the selected Studio file.

Looking for information about how to set up a traditional screen share of your screen, window, or tab? Check out this support doc instead 👉 Screen Sharing During An Event

Important Notes

  • The maximum recommended file size is 250 MB.

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