How to Go Live

You've learned about Crowdcast's interactive features and have run a test event. Now it's time to go live! Here's how.

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When you’re ready to go live in an in-browser session, start by entering the greenroom. The greenroom is a private pre-event prep space where you can…

  • ensure your equipment is connected and working as expected

  • practice sharing media to the stage

  • check the technical setup of any guests

  • bring speakers or panelists to the stage in preparation for going live

  • move speakers or panelists to the wing if you don't want them on stage at the start

  • prepare Studio elements if you haven't already

When you click Enter Greenroom, the AV controls will pop up allowing you to select your camera and mic inputs. Next, click Join stage.

The stage will be outlined in green, and you’ll see the word Greenroom at the bottom of the stage. When you’re ready to go live, click Go Live in the bottom left corner. You’ll see a pop-up with the options to Go Live & Record from the start of the event or to Go Live Only without recording.

If you select Go Live Only, you have the option to start recording the session at any point by clicking the recording icon in the bottom left corner of the event.

When the session has concluded, click the red X in the bottom left corner to end the session.

Ending the session will place you and anyone else who was on screen in the post-event greenroom. You’ll see the words Closing Greenroom below the stage. Click Exit Greenroom in the bottom left corner to completely exit the stage, and if the session was recorded, you can view the replay of your event.

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