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Navigating a Multi-Session Event
Navigating a Multi-Session Event

If the event you've registered for includes multiple sessions, here's how you can navigate the schedule.

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A multi-session event is an event with multiple sessions housed under a single event URL. This means that you can register once and access multiple different sessions that the event host created without having to navigate to another page. Examples of a multi-session event include a conference, a series of classes, or a virtual festival.

If the host has created a multi-session event, you will first see the lobby when you join the event. There will be a schedule view in the middle of the screen.

The lobby is a space where you can interact with the host and other attendees before the main event goes live. You can navigate the schedule by clicking View the schedule here in the middle of the screen or by clicking the Schedule button in the upper left corner.

Clicking either option will display the full schedule from the left-hand side of your screen where you can select any of the various sessions.

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