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How to Use Clips In Your Event
How to Use Clips In Your Event

A Quick FAQ

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Clips is an innovative feature designed to boost your event's marketing efforts and drive registrations for both live events and replays.

Watch this 1-minute video to see how the clips feature works:

Why should you create clips?

We recommend leveraging clips to capture the best moments right after your event concludes. These moments can then be shared across your social media and marketing channels, encouraging more people to watch these highlights and subsequently register to view the entire event.

How do I enable clips?

Clipping is automatically enabled for public events, providing a simple way to share event highlights. Unlisted (private) events cannot be clipped. Your privacy and security are always our top priority.

What if I don't want to allow clipping?

No worries! If you prefer not to allow clips in an event, you can disable it easily.

  1. Open the Clips module

  2. Select the settings cog at the top right

  3. Disable clipping

Keep in mind that this is an event-level setting. If you're running a multi-session event, disabling or enabling clips will affect all sessions.

What happens if I reset or delete my event?

When you reset or delete an event, all the clips associated with that event will be automatically deleted as well. Please consider this while managing your event's content.

Can I edit or delete the clips attendees make?

Certainly! You have the ability to delete any clips created by attendees for your event, and you can also rename these clips. However, it's important to note that you cannot edit the timing of the clip settings once a clip has been created.

Important Notes

  • Clipping is not available in RTMP Studio sessions.

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