Going Live from the iOS App

Need to host an event from a mobile device? If you're an iOS user, here's how to start and end an event from the app.

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At this time, going live from the mobile app is a straightforward, “lite” experience with fewer available features than on the browser. For example, most moderation features, the ability to "Start answering" questions, poll creation. and the built-in Studio are not available on the app. However, you can always have a teammate or friend assist you with managing these features from a browser while you focus on your app-based session.

In order to go live from the app, you need to first create the event from a browser. It is not yet possible to create events on the app.

Follow the steps to successfully start and end a live broadcast from the app:

  • Launch the mobile app on your iOS device and navigate to your Created events section. This section is located in the second calendar icon from the bottom left. Select the event you want to host.

  • Once you're in the event, locate the round button with a camera icon. Tap on this button and select “Enter Greenroom” to proceed.

  • You'll then appear on camera within the pre-event greenroom. While here, you can make any necessary preparations before starting the live event. Take a moment to check your camera angle, lighting, and audio settings.

    When you are ready to go live, tap the round button with three dots and select Go live.

    You'll also see other options listed here like the ability to flip your camera from the front to the rear, share your device screen, or exit the pre-event greenroom.

  • After selecting Go live, a five-second countdown timer will appear. Take a breath; you're about to be live!

  • All of the interactive modules are located at the bottom of your screen. From left to right, you'll see the chat, Q&A, polls, people tab, and backstage chat. If someone leaves a new chat comment or question and you're not actively viewing that section, you'll see a small green notification dot appear to the top right of that module's icon as pictured below.

    It's important to note that certain actions, such as bringing questions on screen or converting chat messages to questions, require the use of a desktop browser. You could have a moderator using a different device perform these specific actions.

    Similarly, if you want to bring someone onto the screen during the live broadcast, you will also need to use a desktop browser. This feature is not available directly from the mobile app.

  • Once your event has concluded, tap the round button with three dots once again. This time, select End Broadcast to stop the live stream.

  • You'll then be in the closing greenroom. This is where you can have a post-event wrap-up conversation with any colleagues or speakers. Be sure to also exit the closing greenroom once you're done here.

That's it! You have successfully gone live from the mobile app!

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