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Viewing and Exporting Your Event Analytics
Viewing and Exporting Your Event Analytics

Here's a breakdown of what analytics are provided to you and how you can view them.

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Crowdcast's analytics give powerful insights into your audience and can help you optimize your marketing strategy. There is a simple overview available on your Analytics Dashboard, and detailed analytics are available as a CSV download. These metrics can help you track and build your audience and learn what's working with your event setup and promotion.

Analytics allow you to capture data and answer questions like...

  • What sites are people using to find my event?

  • What percentage of people who find my event end up registering?

  • What percentage of people who register show up live?

  • Where in the world are users located?

  • Who are the most engaged attendees?

  • What were the most engaging moments?

  • How many people watched the replay?

Here’s an example of the high-level graphs and data available on the analytics dashboard.

Not Shown: Funnel charts, Top Contributors in Chat, or Top Contributors in Q&A

If your event was a multisession event, you will also be able to see session data for…

  • the number of chat messages submitted per session

  • live viewer data

  • chat engagement

Specific Attendee and Bespoke Data

In addition to our analytics dashboard, Crowdcast hosts can gain even more insight into their audience by exporting a CSV event data file. The CSV includes more specific data about your audience like...

  • Names, emails, and usernames

  • The time and date each attendee registered

  • Answers to custom registration questions (available on the Pro and Business plans)

  • Poll answers

  • Locations

  • Coupon use data

  • Whether someone watched live

  • Whether someone watched the replay

If your event is a multisession event, you’ll be able to see how attendees answered polls and whether they attended live in each session.

You can download the CSV file from within your event, your Channel, or your My Events dashboard.

How to view your analytics dashboard and export your data

There are four areas where you’ll find the option to view your analytics data:

The Analytics dashboard and CSV file are accessible as soon as you create your event. They will remain available unless you cancel your plan.

Viewing Your Analytics Dashboard

Once you’re logged into your account, select Analytics from the menu on the left.

This will take you to the analytics page where you can view a high-level overview of your event.

Select which event you'd like to view analytics for from your listings on the right.

Viewing Analytics From Your Crowdcast Event

Open the Options menu in the top right corner. From there, you can select View Analytics to open the analytics dashboard, or, if you only need granular attendee data, you can download the CSV file directly within your event.

The Download CSV option will save a CSV to your computer which you can open to view specific attendee data.

Viewing Analytics From Your My Events Dashboard

Open the Actions menu to the right of an event. Select Analytics or Download CSV.

Viewing Analytics From Your Channel

Open the Actions menu to the right of an event. Select Analytics or Download CSV.

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