Moderation Tools

Hosts and moderators can ban or remove disruptive attendees, delete unwanted comments, convert questions from the chat to the Q&A, and more.

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Event moderation is essential to ensuring your event is a smooth experience for everyone.

At Crowdcast, someone can be assigned the role of moderator within an event which allows them to…

  • Ban or remove troublemakers

  • Delete unwanted comments in the chat

  • Convert questions asked in the chat over to the Q&A section

📌 Note: Hosts and co-hosts have these capabilities and the additional powers of editing the event or managing the stage. If you need a colleague to manage these aspects of your event, then you will need to assign them the in-event role of co-host or add them as a teammate to your channel. Read more about roles here.

Let’s start by covering how moderators can deal with event troublemakers. During an event, a host or moderator can ban or remove anyone who is not interacting with you or your community appropriately.

What’s the difference between banning and removing someone?

Ban User

When an attendee is banned, they remain in the event as a viewer. Banning them removes their ability to interact in the chat, Ask a Question section, or polls. We never notify them that they've been banned. From their perspective, they will think they're still able to interact in the event. However, their messages and questions are not visible to anyone else (including the host).

Remove Attendee

This option will remove the attendee from that specific event. They can no longer watch or interact within the event unless they register for it again.

How do I remove or ban someone from an event?

An attendee can be banned from either the People tab or the chat wall. If you would like to remove them from the event entirely, a host or moderator will need to do so from the People tab.

From the People tab (ban or remove) When you click on the People icon on the far right, a list of those registered will be revealed. Locate the attendee you wish to ban or remove. Hover over their name and click on the three vertical dots next to their name. From there, a host or moderator will find the option to ban or remove them.

From the Chat (ban only)
When a host or moderator hovers over a comment, several options appear. Select the 🚫 icon to ban someone.

Once someone has been banned, the banned banner will appear next to their name in the People tab.

Now let’s review other moderation tools. Hosts and moderators are able to manage the chat by deleting unwanted comments. They can also manage the Ask a Question section by converting questions posted in the chat and editing questions for clarity.

How do I delete comments from the chat?

Simply hover over the comment you wish to remove and click the trash can icon to delete a comment.

How do I manage the Ask a Question section?

Sometimes attendees may miss that there’s a section devoted to asking questions. If that happens and someone writes a question in the chat, hosts or moderators can convert it to the Ask a Question section. This helps keep things organized and prevents scrolling back through the chat to find questions that have been asked.

To convert a chat question to the Ask a Question section, hover over the question and click the question mark icon:

If someone asks an especially long or complex question, the host or moderator may want to edit it down for clarity. From the Ask a Question section, click Edit below the question. From there, hosts or moderators can revise the question. This also helps condense the question when it’s displayed on stage.

Hosts and moderators are also able to delete unwanted questions from the Ask a Question section:

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