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Joining a Patreon Event for Patrons
Joining a Patreon Event for Patrons
How to register for and access a patron-only event for patrons.
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In order to watch Patron-only events on Crowdcast, you need to have both a Crowdcast attendee account and a connected Patreon account. Follow the steps below to learn how to set this up.

After connecting your accounts once, you shouldn't have to repeat these steps unless you try to rejoin the event from a new device/browser.

Ready to watch events hosted by your favorite Patreon creators?

Here’s how you can connect Patreon to Crowdcast, so you can gain access to patron-only events.

Navigate to the event link and click Save my spot!

If you’re not already signed into Crowdcast, you’ll be prompted to log into your account.

If you do not already have a free Crowdcast attendee account, you’ll need to follow the steps to create one.

If this is your first time attending a Patreon event on Crowdcast 2.0...’ll need to start by linking your Patreon account to your Crowdcast account. If you're already signed into Crowdcast, you’ll see a prompt to sign in with Patreon when you click Save my spot! from the registration page.

Clicking the prompt will redirect you to the Patreon website where you can log into your Patreon account if you aren’t signed in to Patreon already. Be sure to sign into Patreon using the correct email address.

Next, you’ll be asked to authorize Crowdcast to view your Patreon account. Click Allow to proceed.

This is required to confirm that you are a paying patron at the correct tier. The integration cannot function unless you sign into Patreon with your email and allow our system to recognize what you’ve paid for.

Success! 🙌 If you are already a patron of the event host at the correct tier, you’ll gain access to the event after allowing these permissions.

If you are not already a patron of this creator...’ll see this pop up prompting you to unlock access to the event. Click Unlock it now to sign up as a patron.

Select the appropriate tier to become a patron and access the event.

Navigate back to the Crowdcast event link to confirm registration and join the event.

That’s it! Enjoy the event! ✨

Joining from our iOS app? Here’s a video of the registration process:

Patreon Registration FAQs

I thought I was already connected! Why am I being prompted to sign into Patreon again?

If you see the prompt to connect your integration, it's likely that it's become disconnected or that you have not connected it yet within the new version of Crowdcast. Please follow the above steps to watch the event.

Why am I seeing an error that I'm not at the correct tier when I know that I am?

Start by confirming that you've connected the correct Patreon account. Go to your account settings and check the email address that you've connected. It's possible that you've signed up as a patron with a different email address than the one you've connected.

Important Notes

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