Inviting Someone to the Stage

How to bring someone on screen with you and other scenarios where someone could join the stage.

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Each individual person, presentation, or video on stage is within what’s referred to as a tile. All plans include the ability to have up to 11 tiles on stage simultaneously.

Here are a few examples:

  • 11 people total on stage

  • 9 people + 1 screen share + 1 one slides presentation on stage

  • 10 people + 1 shared video

How to Bring Someone to the Stage

Here are the scenarios in which someone can join the stage:

1. They are a channel teammate, or they are assigned a speaker or co-host role within the event.

People who are assigned certain roles are able to join the stage at any point, including while in the greenroom. Anyone added as a teammate within your channel settings will automatically have the assignment of co-host in any event. They can join the stage at any time and can run events without the channel owner present.

You can also assign someone the in-event role of Speaker or Co-host. Doing this gives someone additional permissions within a specific event, including the ability to bring themselves on stage at any point in the event. Learn more about channel and in-event role assignments and permissions here.

2. Someone is invited to the stage by a host or co-host via the People tab, the chat, the Q&A, or the audience bar.

Anyone in the role of host or co-host can invite someone to the stage. The invitee must be active (watching live) in order to be invited. Hover over that person’s name/profile image from anywhere within the event to reveal the Invite button. That includes the People tab, the chat, the Q&A section, or the audience bar below the stage.

When you invite them, you have the option to invite them to a specific area of the stage: the main stage, the audience-hidden wing located above the stage, or to stage left. Learn more about the various stage areas here.

Once someone is invited, their status in the people tab will change to Invited on stage.

They will see a prompt on their end letting them know they’ve been invited which they can accept or decline.

If you accidentally invite someone on stage or want to revoke your invitation, you can uninvite them by hovering over their name and selecting Uninvite.

3. The "Allow raise hands" feature is enabled allowing someone to request permission to join the stage. A host or co-host must accept the request in order for that person to join.

The Allow raise hands feature gives your attendees the option to request to join the stage. Use the toggle within the People section to turn this feature on or off.

When toggled on, attendees will see a hand icon at the bottom of their screen that they can click to request to join the stage.

When they click this icon, the AV module will pop up allowing them to set up their camera and mic inputs.

After they click Save & Request, the host will see a blue banner in the top right corner stating that someone has requested to join the stage. You will also see that person’s status change within the People tab to Hands raised. The host can hover over their name to accept or ignore their request.

4. The Open stage feature is enabled allowing anyone in the audience to join the stage freely.

When Open stage is toggled on within the People tab, anyone in the audience can freely join the stage. This is ideal for small groups, meetings, or any scenario where you trust your audience with this capability.

When this feature is toggled on, everyone who is active in the session will see a + symbol at the bottom of their screen.

Clicking this opens the AV module where they can select their camera and mic inputs and then join the stage.

Important Notes:

  • You cannot invite someone to the stage through Crowdcast when using RTMP Mode. You'll need to refer to your broadcasting software's capabilities to bring someone on stage.

  • When a speaker is in the audience-hidden wing, they still count toward the maximum of 11 available tile spaces on stage.

  • A shared screen, slides, video, and other media being shared on the stage will count toward the maximum of 11 tile spaces on stage.

  • If you invite someone into the greenroom and then they leave, they’ll still be able to see and hear the greenroom. To remove their view of the greenroom, you will need to uninvite them from the People tab.

  • Check out our Stage Layouts and Tile Controls doc to learn how to move people around the stage and how each area works.

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