How Studio Sound Works
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Crowdcast has the ability to stream high-fidelity audio from your computer's microphone or external microphone through a feature we call Studio Sound. This feature is only available when using the in-browser method to go live (as opposed to RTMP Mode).

Studio Sound is great for live music events where an instrument or vocalist is mic'd up, and they need crisp audio coming through. We do this by increasing the audio quality and disabling audio processing like noise suppression and echo cancelation. Hence, if you do plan to use Studio Sound with multiple users on stage, it’s important that everyone wear headphones to minimize audio feedbacks from mics.

Note that Studio Sound is off by default and this preference is not saved across sessions or events, so you will need to enable Studio Sound each time you want to use it.

To enable Studio Sound, simply open the AV settings and click the toggle for “Studio Sound”.

Studio Sound Specifications

Studio Sound: OFF

  • Audio bitrate: 32,000

  • Audio processing: enabled

  • Stereo: disabled

Studio Sound: ON

  • Bitrate: 128,000

  • Audio processing: disabled

  • Stereo: we are working on this now!

Important Notes:

  • If there are multiple guests on stage, make sure to wear headphones.

  • Be sure to use Studio Sound from a quiet location. Our default background processing is disabled in Studio Sound mode, so background noise may be more pronounced when Studio Sound is enabled.

  • Studio Sound does not apply to live streams using RTMP Studio. The settings within the broadcasting software will determine the audio quality in RTMP Studio.

  • Studio Sound does not affect your screenshare's audio.

  • Anyone wishing to benefit from Studio Sound must toggle Studio Sound in the AV module. That goes for attendees taking music lessons and playing guitar while on stage with the host, or a guest speaker that wants to play background music while on stage.

  • Studio Sound is only available from a browser and not the iOS app.

  • Studio Sound used to be called Music Mode.

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