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How Music Mode or Studio Sound Works
How Music Mode or Studio Sound Works
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Crowdcast has the ability to stream high-quality audio from your computer's microphone or external microphone through a feature we call Music Mode or Studio Sound. This feature is only available when using the in-browser method to go live (as opposed to RTMP Studio).

Music Mode is great for live music events where an instrument or vocalist is mic'd up, and they need crisp audio coming through. Music Mode can serve as a way to mic up an audio speaker to play music. It's also ideal for podcast hosts who want to broadcast the highest quality sound.

Music Mode is off by default. It can be enabled by first clicking More from the bottom left corner of the event window and then selecting Enable Music Mode. These preferences are not saved across sessions or events, so you will need to enable music mode each time you want to use it.

After you’ve done this, select Enter Greenroom. The AV module will pop up allowing you to confirm your camera and mic inputs. Ensure that Studio Sound is toggled on, then enter the greenroom and proceed as usual.

Studio Sound Specifications

Studio Sound: OFF

  • Audio bitrate: 32,000

  • Audio processing: enabled

  • Stereo: disabled

Studio Sound: ON

  • Bitrate: 128,000

  • Audio processing: disabled

  • Stereo: enabled

Important Notes:

  • Be sure to use Music Mode from a quiet location. Our default background processing is disabled in music mode, so background noise may be more pronounced when Music Mode is enabled.

  • Music Mode does not apply to live streams using RTMP Studio. The settings within the broadcasting software will determine the audio quality in RTMP Studio.

  • Music Mode does not affect your screenshare's audio.

  • Only the channel owner, channel-level teammates, or event-level co-hosts can turn this feature on or off, and it will apply to everyone on stage.

  • Music Mode is only available from a browser and not the iOS app.

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