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Hosts have access to a wide variety of tools during a live event to control what the audience sees. We refer to these as host controls. We also refer to what the audience sees as the stage. Anyone whose camera or screen share is visible is considered on-stage. Those that are brought up to the stage as a co-host or guest speaker will not have all the same controls as the main host of the event.

By default, anyone in the broadcast is on-stage. In the screenshot below, there are two people on-stage.

event with 2 people on stage

Focusing a screen

As a host, you can hover over another speaker's video to reveal more controls. Clicking on the "Focus screen" icon will minimize the others' streams to the bottom left corner of the video feed.

The focus screen box as the host hovers over a guests feed.
guest speaker is focused while host is minimized

To unfocus a screen, simply click on the "Unfocus screen" icon.

unfocus option from controls

Removing a screen

As a host, you have the ability to remove someone from the stage by clicking on the "Remove screen" icon. Each guest speaker has the ability to remove themselves from the stage, but only the host can remove others.

remove screen icon

Toggle audio / video

The "Toggle audio" and "Toggle video" icons respectively mute/unmute and turn a camera on/off. It is important to note that a video turned off will not appear in the recording. Each guest speaker has the ability to toggle their audio and video on their own stream.

toggle video off is activated

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