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Use Crowdcast for your online courses or workshops and get paid.

We've made it super easy to set a ticket price for any Crowdcast event. On the Starter, Lite and Professional plans, there is a 5% transaction fee + stripe's processing fee of 2.9% + 30¢. On the Business plan, there is a 2% transaction fee + stripe's processing fee of 2.9% + 30¢. 

When setting up an event, a host can charge a fixed or sliding scale amount per event. This option can be found at the bottom of the basic info page:

The expanded payment options within basic info of edit event

Fixed Pricing

If you'd like to set a specific entry price to your event, select the fixed option from the dropdown menu.

Access section of edit event with fixed payment option.

Registration button with payment prompt.

Sliding Scale Payment

For hosts who want to make their events more financially accessible, you can set up a sliding scale. This allows attendees to pay what they can. Select sliding scale, then choose the minimum payment value. You can fill out the maximum payment value or leave it blank.

Access option within edit event with sliding payment scale view.

Your attendees will need to choose a payment value before registering for the Crowdcast.

The registration button of a crowdcast when a sliding scale payment is active.

Accept Donations or Contributions

You can choose to accept donations, in USD, from your attendees by selecting that option in the advanced section while editing your event.

Advanced section within edit event where accept contributions is.

They'll see a donate button at the bottom of the Crowdcast where they can opt-in to donate. You can also initiate a pop-up to allow attendees to contribute throughout the event. Here's what the pop-up will look like.

The contribute pop-up prompt

Here's some more helpful information about how to use contributions or donations.

Accepting International Currencies

The payment currency is USD by default but you can easily change it to another currency. We support payments in 135+ currencies. Here's a list of the currencies accepted by Stripe. If your home country is on the list, you can accept payments in your currency.

For example, here's what accepting Australian dollars would look like to an attendee.

Registration button in AUD payment method.

Important Notes

  • ​Note that your plan's processing fee, the Stripe transaction fees, and minimal deposit will still apply on donations taken on Crowdcast's platform.

  • Issuing refunds are done through the host's connected Stripe account.

Have questions or suggestions? Email us at [email protected]. Happy Crowdcasting! 🎥

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