If you're on the Lite, Pro or Business plan, you can can easily export useful event information such as...

  • Attendee names & emails

  • Poll answers

  • Locations

  • Live event conversions

  • Coupon use data

There are two ways to export data as a host

Exporting analytics from your Crowdcast dashboard

Once you are logged into your host account, you will want to hover your mouse over the "Crowdcast" icon in the top left part of your screen. This will bring up your analytics tab that you will want to select.

Analytics button is revealed from the hidden menu on the left side of the screen

This should be the screen you see upon clicking into analytics. From here, you will want to click on the event you want analytics for.

The analytics overview.

Now that you are on this screen, the last step is hitting "Export CSV"

Arrow pointing to the export CSV button that's found on the analytics page

Exporting analytics from within your Crowdcast event

You have the option to download your analytics within your current/past event. Once you are in the event, you will need to click the "Analytics" tab at the bottom of the screen. A prompt will appear and from here you will select "Export CSV"

From within the event, analytics button can be found at the bottom of the screen.

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