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If you're advertising your events on Facebook, it's normal to occasionally notice a discrepancy in the conversions reported in your Facebook account compared to the conversions in your Crowdcast event analytics.

The main reason for this is that Crowdcast tracks the lead's source by the HTTP referrer header value while Facebook ties conversions to their Facebook account.

For example:

  • Cross-device attribution: If someone clicks a Facebook ad for your event on their desktop browser and then lands in Crowdcast anonymously (because they are not signed into their Crowdcast account), then Facebook and Crowdcast will each register one new lead from Facebook. Later, this person might come back to the Crowdcast event in another browser from a different source. Since they are in a new browser and did not come from Facebook, Crowdcast will track this as a new lead. If they register for the event, Crowdcast will count this second lead as converted and the first lead as unconverted. Facebook will count the first lead as converted.

  • Clicks vs. impressions:  Let's say someone sees your ad on Facebook and doesn't click it. Later, they register for your Crowdcast event. Facebook will count this as a conversion, but Crowdcast will not attribute the conversion to Facebook because this person didn't click the ad.

These are just a few examples of why you may see a discrepancy between conversions reported in Facebook and in Crowdcast. This Facebook article offers an in-depth explanation of other reasons why reports may not match.

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