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Sharing a Browser-Based or PDF Slides Presentation

How to share a presentation using Canva, Google Slides, or any other browser-based slides platform.

There are three methods for sharing a slides presentation with your audience:

  1. Present slides via software like Powerpoint or Keynote

  2. Present slides via a browser-based platform like Canva, Google Slides, or Slides.com

  3. Present slides by screensharing a PDF file

It’s often easiest to share a slides presentation using the browser-based method. If you want to view your speaker notes at the same time, having two monitors or devices is ideal. However, you can also split your screen on one monitor to view your event and presentation simultaneously.

As an example, here’s an instructional video demonstrating how to share a Canva presentation. This video also covers how to share slides as a PDF file. Continue reading below for written instructions and photos of how to share a Canva presentation in the browser.

Present Slides with One Screen

If you are using Chrome as your browser, follow these steps to share your slides, so you can see your Crowdcast event, including the chat section, and your slides on one screen.

1. Minimize your Crowdcast event to take up half of your screen. Have your Canva presentation open in its own Chrome tab. Drag that Canva tab over, making it a separate window, and minimize > resize it to take up the other half of your screen. Select Present in the lowercase top right menu of Canva.

2. Select type of presentation. Presenter View will give you the option to view your notes without the audience seeing them. When using two screens, you can select other options to display your Crowdcast event full-screen on one monitor and your Canva slides and notes open on your second screen.

3. Start your presentation by selecting Present.

4. Go back to your Crowdcast event, hover over your video and select Share screen.

5. Select Chrome Tab, Audience Window, and Share.

6. Minimize the audience tab on your monitor, but keep the tab open that shows your slides and the notes. Adjust the size of your Crowdcast window and the size of the Canva window, so you can see both side-by-side while still viewing the chat and Q&A sections in Crowdcast. (If you are using a second monitor, you could drag your presentation with notes to one monitor while keeping your event open in the other.)

That's it! Now you can see your slides and still keep an eye on the Chat and Ask a Question section to respond to comments and engage the audience in real time.

Test the host controls to focus (move presentation to center stage) or unfocus (move presentation to lower left corner of the stage) your slides. You can test features in the green room before going live and using monthly hours.

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