Great news! Although we're still waiting for Instagram to officially support RTMP streaming, in the meantime you can use Yellow Duck to accomplish this. (Don't worry it's free to use.)

Note: Yellow Duck is not affiliated with, authorized, or endorsed by either crowdcast or Instagram.

Yellow Duck gives you a Server URL and Stream Key, which you'll add in when you're creating your event. Because the Instagram stream key is valid for only a couple of minutes, you need to set up the Instagram stream two minutes before the actual stream.

Some other streaming platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook provide constant stream keys, which allows you to set up your stream just once. If you are planning live streaming or scheduling an event on Instagram, the stream key needs to be added two minutes before the stream goes live.

Once you have Yellow Duck downloaded, these are the steps you need to take to set up your stream before you go live.

  1. When you're ready to go live, copy the Server URL (they call it an RTMP URL) and Stream Key from Yellow Duck.

Screenshot of Yellow Duck RTMP URL and Stream Key
  1. Select the session of your event you that you want to stream to Instagram and paste in the Server URL and Stream Key as shown below and hit save.

Screenshot of multistreams section with Server URL and Stream Key sections circled.
  1. Hit Start Broadcast in Yellow Duck about 10-20 seconds before you're ready to hit Go live in crowdcast.

  2. Then when you're done with your event, hit End Broadcast on Yellow Duck, and then End Broadcast on crowdcast.

🚀That's it! You can now bring your crowdcast to a new audience on Instagram :)

When you're getting ready to go live on Instagram, don't forget:

  1. Instagram only supports portrait mode streams - meaning that for horizontal streams, only the middle part will be captured.

  2. There's a delay of about 10-20 seconds between your stream on crowdcast and your stream on Instagram.

  3. You need to reconfigure your channel before each stream, since each stream key is unique.

  4. Streaming to third-party services is in 720p HD (1280 × 720 pixels) for in-browser crowdcast sessions. If the session is streaming using RTMP Studio, you can stream up to 1080p.

  5. Even if you are on our Business plan, your streams can't be longer than 4 hours. This is Instagram's limitation.

Pro Tip: Optimize the Format

Videos on IGTV and stories are shown in the portrait orientation (the 9:16 ratio). We recommend you stick to this ratio when streaming to Instagram.

If you're going to have any guests, make sure to focus on the person who is speaking, or the screens may appear cut off. Clicking on the "Focus screen" icon will minimize the others streams to the bottom left corner of the video feed. Read more about how to focus on a screen here.

If you are planning to stream to Facebook and Instagram at the same time, it's best to optimize your stream to Instagram format (Portrait mode). If you optimize the format of your stream to Facebook (Horizontal mode), it could look cropped on Instagram. However, if you optimize the stream to Instagram, Facebook would just show black lines at the edges of your stream.

Pro Tip: Collect more Emails

We recommend pasting your crowdcast event url in your Instagram bio so that viewers watching the stream on Instagram can register for your crowdcast. This way you can collect email addresses and allow them to join you on screen.

Enjoy the superpowers, and let us know if you have any questions or ideas via our support chat or email [email protected].

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