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You can achieve A LOT through Crowdcast, and the possibilities are endless if you’re new here. In fact, we have over 100 documents in our library 🤯 If you’ve read every single one of them, then this isn’t the place for you.

This is a self-service onboarding guide for those who are new to Crowdcast and want to make the most of your events. We’ll link you to other articles throughout this document to ensure you’re only reading the content that you need.

We’ll explore the topics below. Skip ahead by clicking on each link to get the information you need to know right now.

Know nothing? No worries! Start here.

If you’re on your trial or just starting in your first month with us, there’s plenty to learn, and you’ve got to commit yourself to the journey if you want to create a seamless experience for your attendees.

First up, set up your host profile. Add a profile photo, cover photo, and pick a unique user name that will become your Crowdcast URL. From here, your participants can follow you and get notified about your live events.

Next, get started with this video from one of our support team members, Cian. It dives into how to create an event and some of the features available. He also shows you how your registration page will look before the event and how to enter the green room and go live.

We recommend practicing with a test event before your first event. Please note, test hours count towards your usage, but green room hours do not.

So, you’ve set up your first event 🎉 Now what? Click here to rock your first Crowdcast event 🎸

Invite up guests and share your screen with the click of a button

Inviting people – like a panelist, colleague, or friend – on-screen is super simple. Check out our guide covering how to invite someone on-screen and how many people you can bring up with you. And those who you invite on-screen will have their own guest controls.

Prepare your guests for a live stream by ensuring their internet connection and device are up to speed. Send them this guest checklist. We’d also recommend that you invite them into the green room then test their setup if possible. Be sure to check out the advanced tests on that page too! Close this tab before you go live, or you may experience a nasty echo 🙉

So, what about you? As the host, you can also share your screen and specific applications such as Keynote and PowerPoint. You also have a bunch of additional host controls to make your event as aesthetically pleasing as possible! Here's an article for those struggling with screen share quality during your tests.

Want to add a payment barrier to your events? Here’s how.

Most hosts use Crowdcast for two reasons:

  1. To educate their audience

  2. To make money

Or both! Luckily, we have an in-built ticketing system to make monetizing your events easier than ever. You can monetize your events with:

  • Fixed price payments

  • Sliding scale payments

  • Contributions or donations

We have a direct integration with Stripe. Simply open a Stripe account and connect it in your integrations page within your account settings.

For those using a third-party ticketing platform, you can automate the registration process. And yes, you can accept contributions through Paypal. Point your attendees toward your PayPal with the Call to Action button.

Setting up a multi-day or multi-session event

We have loads of enterprise customers – many with thousands of people attending their events over multiple days. So if you have a large and complex event to organize, you’re in the right place. Here's our complete guide on multi-session events.

With multi-session events, you can run multiple sessions over many days within one URL. Creating a complex event is made simple, and you can have administrators or a moderator in the background to help you along the way. If you’re looking for some technical support for a complex, important event, get in touch with our highly experienced third-party Crowdcast specialists.

Adding virtual backgrounds, captions, overlays, and more!

Streaming through the in-browser method is easy to do and a great experience for your attendees, but it may lack some of the advanced elements you or your business need. That’s where RTMP studio comes in. By going live with RTMP studio, you can enjoy the features of third-party apps like OBS, StreamYard, Manycam, and so much more directly from your Crowdcast.

This does require a bit more technical knowledge than going live through in-browser, but it’ll become second nature after a few events. Here’s all you need to know about going live through RTMP studio.

When going live through RTMP studio, please note that the chat, Ask a Question section, invite on screen, and other features will not be available. Only the features that the third-party service provides are available.

Sharing pre-recorded content, live music, or watch parties

You can easily share your pre-recorded content through the in-browser method. (We recommend using Chrome, if possible!)

If you're a musician, hosting a film screening, or anyone who needs super crisp audio, you're going to want to use RTMP Studio. Connecting RTMP Studio to your favorite third-party app is going to give you superior audio and video.

The attendee experience and managing any trouble-makers

When you have a diverse audience with varying levels of technical knowledge and experience, it's important that you're prepared to guide them if they run into any issues. Knowing the ins and outs from the attendee perspective will help ensure they have the best experience possible. This guide will help manage your audience, so everyone has an incredible experience.

On the flip side, you might run into some trouble-makers, keyboard warriors, or internet trolls. No worries, we’ve got you covered. Learn how to ban or remove an attendee here. If you have repeat offenders, get in touch with us at [email protected], and we can implement a ban across all your events.

How to market and share your events with a wider audience

Marketing is a long game, not an overnight success. While we aren’t a marketing platform, the team does have some background knowledge that may benefit you. Check out these articles for beginner to intermediate insight into how you can use Crowdcast to reach more people.

Automate your workflow with integrations

No one likes hard work. Maximize your time by using integrations. With our Patreon Integration, you can set your events for specific tiers.

Connecting your Convertkit or Drip integrations will help you automate your email marketing sequence to nurture your audience.

And with Zapier, the sky is the limit. Accept payment elsewhere. Connect to an online shop. Funnel your audience into your membership site. All of this is possible and more!

Data-driven? Analyze your events with advanced analytics

On the Lite, Pro, or Business plan, you can check out your analytics and export your event CSV. You can break down how your UTM campaigns are performing, how many people clicked your CTA, and other cool data, so you can increase your event registration rate and click-through rate. Here’s more about analytics.

How we are different from other platforms and what to expect while using us

The burning question we often get asked is, “How is Crowdcast different from Zoom?” We aren’t solely a “meeting” based platform. We help creators share a message and connect with their audience. We want to see creators thrive in the live streaming world. Check out this article for more differences between us and Zoom. We’ve taken the best parts of a webinar platform and visual social media and transformed it into a Crowdcast.

I’m sold, how much does it cost?

We have plans to suit any budget. Click here to take a look at our pricing. Here's a breakdown of fees when taking payments through Crowdcast. If you need more than 40 hours per month, get in touch with us for a custom plan at [email protected].

I still have a few questions!

We aren't live chat, but we'd love to assist you via our support chat channels or email. Let us know how we can help, and we’ll get back to you via email or chat typically within two or three hours during normal PST business hours.

We also host live demonstrations and Q&As three times per week. Click here to see all of our events, experience a Crowdcast for yourself, and chat with the support team live.

Have questions or suggestions? Email us at [email protected]. Happy Crowdcasting! 🎥

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