Crowdcast's RTMP Studio capability gives you the ability to broadcast from other platforms such Streamyard.

The steps to integrate Streamyard with Crowdcast are outlined below.

1. Hit Prepare to go live and then Select the RTMP Studio Option

Two options within prepare to go live with RTMP above in-browser

2. Open Streamyard in another tab, Add Crowdcast as a destination in Streamyard.

Add a destination box circled within StreamYard

3. Select Custom RTMP,

Custom RTMP circled within StreamYard

4. Enter your Crowdcast RTMP Stream Key and Server URL which can be found on the previous Crowdcast tab.

Screenshot of the RTMP stream key and Server URL on crowdcast with links to copy

5. Paste the credentials and click Add Rtemp Server

Screenshot of adding the custom RTMP destination where you paste the stream key and RTMP server URL on StreamYard

6. Next, Create your broadcast

Interface where a broadcast is created on StreamYard

7. Go live in Streamyard

Go live button circled in top right hand corner of StreamYard

And it's as simple as that. Please bare in mind that as you're using RTMP you will have around 25 seconds delay in Crowdcast.

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