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Can I duplicate my event?

Yes you can! Duplicating an event is simple, effective and can save time in creating new events. If you are running a number of similar individual events (instead of a multi-session event) you can duplicate an event and copy over most of the information and settings you've already set up.

How to duplicate an event

Within the event you wish to duplicate, click the "Options" dropdown menu in the top right, and select "Duplicate Event."

Duplicate event highlighted within the options menu button on the top right hand side within an event


From your newly duplicated event, select "Edit" in the top right of the page.Once here, you should see that your basic info, cover, registration, multi-streams and advanced sections are all pre-populated with the same information from your original event.

The edit event interface with the schedule event section circled

Some of the areas that you will probably want to update are the schedule (date/time), updated custom URL, and coupons. Make these updates soon after duplicating an event so it's ready to share with your community.

We even made a video about duplicating events ๐ŸŽฅ

What parts of an event are carried over to a duplicated event?

These ARE carried over

Custom Registration Questions

If you are on a plan that utilizes custom registration questions, note that these will be carried over into your duplicated event. Here is an article that goes over custom questions.


The polls that you created in your original event will be carried over into your duplicated one. However, feel free to update the polls to your liking!


Coupons are carried over and you can create new coupons to provide your attendees with!

Coupon Usage

When you duplicate an event, any coupon usage within the original event will be copied over to the new, duplicated event. If someone uses a coupon in the original event after this point, that usage will no longer be tracked in that event. Only the newest duplicated event will track coupon usage.

These are NOT carried over


Those who registered for your original event will not be imported to or otherwise notified about a duplicated event. To bring people into a new event, invite them or register emails to directly import those who signed up for this event elsewhere.

Q&A Section

The questions and answers from the original event will not carry over into a duplicated event.

Have questions or suggestions? Email us at [email protected]. Happy Crowdcasting! ๐ŸŽฅ

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