What are coupons?

When setting up a paid event, with a fixed price, you'll be given the option to create coupons. These coupons provide a customizable percentage off of the ticket price for your attendees. This is a great option for providing discounted or free entry to your events!

Where can you create the coupons?

When you select Fixed, under the Payment option, the coupon field will pop-up. From here, you can customize the text, adjust the percentage of each coupon and limit the amount of use per coupon.

coupon popup in 'create an event'

Provide a simple link for your attendees

Want to make registering more simple for your attendees? You can provide them with a URL that automatically includes their discount. Here's how to do it:

• Type the event link into the address bar

• Type ?coupon=(coupon code)

Here's an example:

The address bar containing the smart URL

And this is how the registration button will appear to your attendees:

A picture of the registration button with the coupon code and discount included

Important Notes

  • There isn't a limit on how many coupons you can have for your event

  • Coupons are not available on the sliding scale payment

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