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How to engage with attendees pre-event:

Create an engaging registration page

Uploading a great cover image, adding a detailed description of what people can expect from your event, utilizing an event trailer, and making the format easy-to-read are all recommended prior to your event launch. This will increase your registration rate (or the rate at which people who view the page sign up for the event). Check out our doc on cover images here.

Make your event title memorable

Your title matters. It's what people will see first, so make sure you make it actionable, catchy, and descriptive.

Utilize our Call to Action button

This is a button you can activate that shows up right underneath your video within the event window. It's a helpful way to lead people to your website or a specific offering. Live events are great at driving leads, but you can't convert those leads unless you tell them where to go next. A call-to-action, or CTA, lets you add any link as a button on your event page. Check out this article for more about the CTA button.

Send guest speakers our setup checklist beforehand

It is important to ensure your guests have checked their connection and tech prior to the event. Send them this tech checklist before bringing them on-stage.

Link our Attendee Quick Reference Guide in the chat prior to event launch

It's good practice to post this Attendee Quick Reference Guide in your chat feed prior to the event. This will allow the attendees to bookmark it or reference back to it if they experience any issues during the event.

How to engage with attendees during the event:

Start with housekeeping items

Housekeeping is all about letting people know what they can expect โ€“ things like where they should submit their questions (hint: in the Ask a Question section), when you'll begin the Q&A, if there will be a freebie offered at the end, and whether the event will be recorded. Mention everything up front so there's no confusion.

If you prefer tangible instructions, we have some helpful resources for you to share with your attendees. Use a free Canva account to customize these templates, and then distribute them before or during your event to help increase attendee engagement.

  1. Holding slides for your event introduction.

  2. Detailed slideshow for your event introduction.

  3. Five page text PDF for attendees.

Or download the guides as PDF's here.

Share your agenda

It's also helpful to tell people at the beginning of your event what content you'll be covering. It's like the old public speaking rule passed down from Aristotle: "Tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, then tell them what you told them." It makes your presentation easier to follow by creating structure.

Show that you're listening

The magic of a live event is all in the real-time connection, so don't forget to be responsive! This means keeping an eye on the chat, calling out people in the chat where appropriate, and just letting people know you're listening by asking them questions like where are they tuning in from. This small gesture goes a long way toward letting people know it's a two-way conversation, and it ultimately makes your attendees feel a greater connection with you in a way that they won't get on any other marketing or social media channel.

Encourage folks to use the chat to connect with one another

The chat is a great place for the attendees to engage with one another and also connect with folks by clicking onto their profile icon.

Push for the use of the Ask a Question section for questions rather than the chat

Remind everyone early-on to utilize the Ask a Question section for their questions rather than the chat. The magic of this feature is that people are able to upvote questions that resonate with them the most. Along with that, you are able to timestamp the answers to the questions which will be hugely helpful for those catching the replay. Check out this article for more about the Ask a Question feature.

Be sure to post useful links in the chat OR in the Ask a Question section, so attendees can access/bookmark them for later use

These links might range from a personal blog, the product you are referring to, or any other links which add context to the conversation.

How to engage with attendees post-event:

Direct them to click on your profile page from the event screen. They can easily follow you from here and access past/upcoming events and recordings.

Encourage them to click the share button from the event screen, so they can share the event with friends and family.

Remind attendees to utilize the CTA button if one is setup.

Send attendees a follow-up email shortly after the event ends. This can add a nice personal touch. Check out this article for instructions on how to email your attendees.

FAQs attendees might ask the host:

Does Crowdcast have an app?

Yes! Attendees with Apple iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) can download the Crowdcast app. Crowdcast is also supported in Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Android devices can access Crowdcast directly from one of these browsers; no downloads required.

Which browser seems to work best?

Chrome works best for Crowdcast. Firefox is another good alternative. Make sure you are using the latest version of your preferred browser.

Can I cast this onto my TV?

Yes! Attendees can cast any page from Google Chrome to a Chromecast. Just select Cast from the View menu in your Chrome browser. Your device will cast the tab, but you can switch your video to full screen and have the video show that way. Another option is Airplay. Attendees with iOS devices can download the Crowdcast app and simply Airplay onto their TV/display.

I'm having buffering issues. What can I do?

If this happens, you can ask attendees to click Help at the top of the screen.

Photo of options in top right hand corner including the follow button, help, share and options menu

From here, attendees can enable compatibility mode:

Picture of the help button pop up with an arrow pointing to the

Compatibility mode will set the attendee's event a few seconds behind which will allow them to stream the event more clearly.

How can I access the replay after the event ends?

Attendees can find the replay in the original invitation link they were sent, or they can find it by clicking the host's Crowdcast profile and looking under Past Events.

Note that hosts are able to archive (hide) and delete their replays if they choose. It is best for attendees to reach out to the host directly if they suspect this has occurred.

I want to come up on-stage. How can I do that?

Attendees who want to go on-screen will want to test their setup first. Hosts can send an invitation to those who want to join. The attendee will then receive a prompt to accept or deny the invitation to come up on stage.

Have questions or suggestions? Email us at [email protected]. Happy Crowdcasting! ๐ŸŽฅ

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