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After inviting a guest on screen, you'll see a prompt stating that they're waiting and connecting. The majority of the time, your guest speaker will appear on-screen within a few seconds. However, if you don't see your guest on-screen within 20-30 seconds after sending them an invite, these are the things you should check:

Ensure your guest accepted the prompt to enable their camera and mic.

They may have accidentally rejected the pop-up to allow access to the camera and mic and will need to exit the event, refresh the browser, and try again.

Ensure another application is not using the camera and mic (like Zoom, Teams, Skype, FB Messenger, etc).

Ensure they have a connected and operational webcam.

They might need to check in their browser settings to grant permission for the camera/mic to be shared. (On a Mac, specifically, the Catalina update may have affected security settings.)

At a global level, their computer might not be allowing the camera/mic to be shared. They should check in their settings to ensure this is not the case.

If they are on a Chrome browser (our recommended browser), a Chrome extension could be interfering with the operation of the camera and mic.

Some antivirus software does not allow permission to the camera and mic.

If you have embedded the event in your own website, please ensure they are joining the event directly from the Crowdcast URL and not via the embed.

Check that a firewall is not interfering with permissions. We recommend going through the advanced tests portion at the bottom of our setup page.

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