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During an event, you can remove or ban anyone who is not interacting with you or your community appropriately.

The difference between banning and removing an attendee

ban and remove features

Ban attendee - When an attendee is banned, they remain in the event as a viewer. Banning them removes their ability to interact in the event (chat wall and the Ask a Question section). We never notify them that they've been banned. From their end, it appears as if they are successfully interacting; however, their messages are not seen by anyone else in the event (including the host).

Remove attendee - This option will remove the attendee from that specific event. They can no longer watch or interact in the event unless they register for it again.

How to remove or ban an attendee from an event

An attendee can be banned from either the People tab or the chat wall. If you would like to remove them from the event, it will need to be done from the People tab.

From the People tab (ban or remove)

When you click on the People tab, a list of those registered will be revealed. Locate the attendee you wish to ban or remove from the event and click on the three dots next to their name.

ban/remove an attendee from the people tab

From the session Chat (ban only)

When you hover over a comment the attendee posted, several options will appear. Select the hammer icon to enable the ban feature.

ban attendee from the chat wall

You'll receive a pop-up asking you to confirm that you want to ban or remove that attendee.

confirmation popup of ban/remove

You can confirm an attendee has been banned, by opening the People tab and toggling over to the banned attendees portion.

list of those banned shown in the people tab

How to unban an attendee

Should you want to unban an attendee, this can be done from the People tab or the chat wall following the same instructions listed above.

How to remove all participants

You can remove all event attendees. From the "Options" drop-down menu in your event, just select the "remove participants" option.

Then a pop-up will ask you to confirm this action.

Once you click yes, all of your attendees will be removed, or un-registered, from the event.

Need to ban an attendee from all of your events?

If there is an attendee you would like to block from joining all of your events, past and future, email us and we can implement a permanent ban for you.

Have questions or suggestions? Email us at [email protected]. Happy Crowdcasting! 🎥

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