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Add New Sessions to an Event Already Created

Go into your event page and select "Add New Session" from the "Options" dropdown menu, located in the upper right hand corner.

How to Create a Multi-Session Event

First, create an event like normal. If you're following along for the first time I recommend creating a test event.

Next, you'll be able to edit whether you have a single session or multi-session event by clicking "Edit" under "Schedule".

By default the event type is set as a single session event.. To create a multi-session event, select "Multi-session".

From here you can enter a session name, description, start time, and date. Click "done" to save that session, then select "Add a session" to continue adding sessions to your event.

Once you've added all of the sessions for this event, go ahead and click "Done" at the top of the Schedule.

Add the rest of your event information like description, cover photo, etc. and click "Save".

Once you've hit "Save" you'll be taken into the event. Notice at the top left, underneath the event title a section called "SCHEDULE".

When you click on the schedule, it will expand and show all of the events you just created.

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How to Call the Audience to the Current Session

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