The Call to Action button is great for linking up a product, file download, sales page, external link, and more.

To use the Call to Action button simply go into your event, and click on "Call to Action" at the bottom of your screen.

Screenshot of the call to action option

You'll then see this pop up where you can insert a label for your button and a custom link.

Call to action pop-up

After you entered your label and link you'll notice that you then have an option to either hide or show the call to action button. Select one and hit save.

Call to action pop-up with button label and URL entered

You can choose to hide it and later show the button during your event or have it showing all throughout your event. Just make sure to hit save each time.

Things to remember:
The URL should start with http:// or https://
• When attendees click on the button, the link will automatically open in a new tab.
• You can only have one call to action button.
• In a multi-session event the button is the same for every session.
• The button can stay up during the replay.
• Your call to action button shows up as green for your audience.

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