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Crowdcast has the ability to stream high quality audio from your computer's microphone or external microphone through a feature we call Studio Sound, when using the in-browser method to go live.

This is great for live music events where an instrument or vocalist is mic'd up and they need to have crispy audio coming through. Studio Sound can also serve as a way to mic up an audio speaker to play music from. It's also great for podcast hosts that want the highest quality sound to be broadcasted.

Studio Sound is off by default and can be enabled by clicking on the studio microphone icon to the right of the HD video icon. Crowdcast saves these preferences for future sessions that way if you always want it on, you don't have to click it again.

Do not use studio sound unless everyone on the call is wearing headphones.

White means it's off

Studio Sound microphone icon in white means it's turned off

Green means it's on

Studio Sound microphone icon in green means it's turned on

Studio Sound Specifications

Studio Sound: OFF
Audio bitrate: 32,000
Audio processing: enabled
Stereo: disabled

Studio Sound: ON
Bitrate: 128,000
Audio processing: disabled
Stereo: enabled

Important Notes:

  • Studio Sound does not apply for live streams using RTMP Studio. Audio quality in RTMP Studio will be determined by the settings within the broadcasting software.

  • Keep in mind that Studio Sound does not play your screen share's audio. Share screen share audio like this.

  • Any guest who joins the stage will not have control of turning Studio Sound on or off. Only the admin can turn this feature on or off and it will apply to all speakers on screen.

  • Keep in mind, normally we do audio processing on the sound to do things like echo cancellation, automatic gain control and noise suppression. When Studio Sound is turned on, this processing is turned off and may cause echoing unless all participants are wearing headphones.

  • Studio Sound is not available to the host when broadcasting from the iOS app.

Have questions or suggestions? Email us at [email protected]. Happy Crowdcasting! 🎥

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