Criteria needed

For an event to be searchable or displayed on the Discover page, it must meet a few requirements.

The event must:

  • Be Public, not Unlisted

  • Have more than five people registered

  • Not contain adult content — Adult channels are manually flagged so that they do not appear on the Discover page (click here to learn more)

  • Have a cover photo — Events that meet the above requirements and don't have a cover photo are searchable but will not populate on the Discover page.

Looking for ways to promote your event?

While there isn't a way to promote your event directly on the Discover page, we do have some recommendations for overall manual promotion!

  • Share on social media

Share your event on multiple social media channels and encourage followers to

share! If it's a ticketed event, you could even offer a % discount to anyone who

shares the ad.

  • Tagging relevant parties

Tag any guest speakers, collaborators, or sponsors for your event and ask them to

share the link through their own channels.

  • Take advantage of a mailing list

If you have a newsletter or mailing list, send a mass email out inviting everyone to

your page. We have a robust list of integrations you can take advantage of to

achieve this.

Still, looking to dive even deeper?

We created an article that goes in-depth around best marketing practices and how to grow your following organically. Click here to learn how to market your event.

Have questions or suggestions? Email us at [email protected]. Happy Crowdcasting! 🎥

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