At the moment Crowdcast doesn't have closed captioning built in, but we are working on it. We know how important it is for greater accessibility and are busy making some big upgrades, although we don't have a timeline we can share as of now.

Here are some alternatives for the time being.

If you use RTMP Studio to pair Crowdcast with video switchers like OBS and Wirecast, you can overlay captions right onto the video.

Learn more about RTMP Studio here.

You can also pair a tool like StreamText which lets you create a page with live captions. You can use the Crowdcast Call-to-Action button to drive your viewers to optionally open the captions there.

Lastly, Web Captioner is a great free tool you can use to caption your events by simply sharing your screen when streaming in-browser.

Simply head over to, click on the three dots at the bottom right and select new window.

From there head over to your event and share your screen. You'll want to select "Application Window" then find "Captions (Windowed)" and click "Share". We'll select the windowed one because it gives a cleaner look to your event.

Lastly you'll click on "Start Captioning" and everything you say will show up on the screen until you click "Stop Captioning".

This is an example of how it could look like in your event.

We recommend doing a test event to get a feel for how it will work in your future events.

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