Crowdcast's analytics give you powerful insights displayed on an Analytics Dashboard and available for download as a CSV. These metrics can help you track and build your audience and learn what is working and what isn't.

You can capture the below analytics on the dashboard

  • Total event Registrants

  • Registration page view to conversion rate

  • Number of event replay views

  • Sign up vs Show up rate

  • Registration source

  • Geographic Location

Collect all this information and more through Crowdcast and apps like Google, Zoho, and Ruler analytics through our Zapier integration . Scroll all the way down to the "Analytics & Integrations" section of our Features page to learn more about what's possible!

What analytics are included with each plan?

All Crowdcast plans, with the exception of the Starter plan, offer an analytics dashboard with:

  • Conversion Metrics – Track sign-up and show-up rates at different stages of the funnel.

  • Referral Data – Know which marketing channels are driving the most traffic.

  • Location Data – See where in the world your audience is from displayed on a map.

  • Engagement – Know who engaged the most throughout your events & sessions.

  • UTM Tracking Metrics – Track the path your audience takes to find your event. – watch this video to learn more about UTM links.

The Pro & Business Plans also include custom registration fields to collect specific data from your audience when they register for your events. 

Click here to learn more about what each plan offers!

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