Crowdcast's analytics give you powerful insights into your audience and can help you optimize your marketing strategy. We've arranged them in eye-catching graphics on the Analytics Dashboard, and they're also available for download as a CSV. These metrics can help you track and build your audience and learn what's working with your event setup and promotion.

Analytics allows you to capture data and answer questions like...

  • What sites are people using to find my event?

  • What percentage of people who find this event register?

  • What percentage of people who register show up?

  • Where in the world are users tuning in?

  • Who are the most engaged attendees?

  • What were the most engaging moments?

  • How many people watched the replay?

screenshot of conversion rates graphic
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Collect all this information and more through Crowdcast. Take a deeper dive into analytics by connecting apps like Google, Zoho, and Ruler to Crowdcast through Zapier. Scroll all the way down to the Analytics & Integrations section of our Features page to learn more about what's possible!

What analytics are included with each plan?

All Crowdcast plans, with the exception of the Starter Plan, offer an analytics dashboard with...

  • Conversion Metrics – Track sign-up and show-up rates at different stages of the funnel.

  • Referral Data – Know which marketing channels are driving the most traffic.

  • Location Data – See where in the world your audience is from displayed on a map.

  • Engagement – See which attendees were most engaged.

  • UTM Tracking Metrics – Track the path your audience takes to find your event. Check out this doc to learn more about UTM links.

The Pro and Business Plans also include custom registration fields to collect the specific data you need from your audience when they register for your events. 

In addition to our analytics dashboard, Crowdcast hosts on the Lite, Pro, or Business Plan can gain even more insight into their audience by exporting a CSV file of event data. The CSV includes more specific data about your audience like...

  • Names, emails, and usernames

  • The time and date each attendee registered

  • Answers to custom registration questions

  • Poll answers

  • UTM data

  • Locations

  • Live event conversions

  • Coupon use data

  • Whether someone watched the replay

How to export your data

There are two areas where you're able to download your analytics data: your Analytics Dashboard or directly through your event.

Exporting analytics from your Crowdcast dashboard

Once you are logged into your host account, hover over the Crowdcast icon in the top left of your screen. From here, select Analytics.

Analytics button is revealed from the hidden menu on the left side of the screen

This will take you to the analytics page. Select which event you'd like to view analytics for from your listings on the left.

The analytics overview.

This will take you to your analytics dashboard for that particular event. Click Export CSV.

Arrow pointing to the export CSV button that's found on the analytics page

Exporting analytics from within your Crowdcast event

You also have the option to download your analytics from within your event. Click the Analytics tab at the bottom of the screen. An analytics report will appear with the option to Export CSV at the top.

From within the event, analytics button can be found at the bottom of the screen.

Have questions or suggestions? Email us at [email protected]. Happy Crowdcasting! 🎥

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